My professional career:

Although I’m a board certified pediatrician, my current job is way outside that title.  I’ve practiced in almost every type of pediatric practice, but I’ve always been interested in the world of non-clinical jobs.  These are jobs performed by physicians that don’t involve seeing patients on a day-to-day basis.  As I tell folks, I absolutely loved being in the room with my patients and families, but once I stepped out of that room, the paperwork, malpractice issues and ever shrinking percentage of time allotted for patient care made me look for something more.

At various times I’ve dipped my feet into political advocacy, practice management, medical education, medical marketing, personal finance but I always came back to technology as the best way for me to help improve the lives of patients.  I’m a huge believer in medical innovation and think that it will help lead the way to aggregating the myriad information that physicians are expected to know and act upon.  I know work for Allscripts, a leading electronics medical records company.  In my opinion, Allscripts has seen the future of medicine-with an open architecture whose singular focus is to help improve the care of our patients.

Other Professional Roles:

I also am a blogger (obviously) and career coach. After informally guiding medical students, residents and fellows over the course of the last 5 years I enjoy continuing to help young physicians make a transition form clinical to non-clinical roles.

Another role that I get great enjoyment from is developing and delivering social media strategies for medical companies.  I started with the general medical clinic that I worked for in Milwaukee.  Soon after I became the chair for the Wisconsin chapter of the AAP and established a social media strategy for them.  During this time I also developed my personal and professional social media plan.  I then tackled another angle, establishing a program for a medical device company-EarWell-that has some great social value.  It’s a non-invasive prosthetic that corrects infant ear deformities in a matter of weeks.

And on a Personal Note:

In regards to personal interests they include a variety of disjointed subjects that I find often have great relevance to medicine.  I’ve read extensively about personal finance and behavioral economics, which have a lot to say about how to get ourselves out of the medical financing problem our country faces.  I love gadgets, and for a few years was buying a new phone every 3 months!  I’m a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan as well as fantasy baseball.  Although I’m interested in politics, it’s more about the business of politics and how Americans are affected by our political system.  Marketing is infinitely fascinating, and what we’ve learned about the human psyche and how decisions are made is amazing.  History, especially the history of what was not taught in school, contains some of the most interesting stories that can be imagined.  I’m definately not an audiophile, but my musical interests are similarly varied.  In a given day I might listen to Dave Matthews, Garth Brooks, The Chicago Symphony, Ke$ha (or K, dollar sign, Ha! as Principal Higgins pronounces it) and John Coltrane.


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