RSS and Medical Writing

22 Apr

One of the more difficult posts to put together was my most recent on  The writer of such a topic can’t help but be placed under a microscope.  I don’t claim to be a good writer, but in some technical way I am a medical writer simply by writing this post.  So even though I can’t come close to turning a phrase like a master writer, I continue to write because I feel as though I have info to communicate.  Most of my posts are just that, simple exposition of information with my personal experience and opinions thrown in.  Having looked for high quality, high-yield information from those that have been successful in an endeavor is difficult to find, having looked for many years when I was looking for a career outside of medicine.  With the advent and popularization of blogging information is plentiful.  The difficulty now is to find useful information which is why I love blogging for Nonclincialjobs and FreelanceMD-both have information that is incredibly useful.  In the case of Nonclincialjobs, I used what I read there to lead me to my current job.  In the case of FreelanceMD, I weekly read an article that I wish I had written.  The posts are information that I had gathered the hard way-by trial and error-and is presented in an easily digestible format.

So, kudos to both and for doing an amazing job in furthering the quality of physicians lives-no matter what their job title may be!

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