First post on FreelanceMD

18 Mar

My first post on FreelanceMD went live on Sunday.  It was a post I had a lot of fun writing-looking at books that on the surface seem to have nothing to do with medicine, but have a weath of information for physicians when read.  The Long Tail is categorized as a business book, but it has great insight into the superspecialization of medicine today.  The idea of the family doc who delivers babies one day and sedates a patient the next, treats outpatient diabetes on the third and read x-rays on the fourth, all while holding title to chief medical officer is gone.  Even if an individual was adept at all these fields, no malpractice carrier would cover him for all the specialties unless he was board eligible-a proposition that would take at least 10 years post medical school in the above scenario.

I’ve been thinking over all the books that I’ve read over the last 10 years and realizing that although the majority had a major influence on my medical practice, many of them I can’t remember.  So I picked up my handy iPhone (thanks Allscripts!) and looked for an app.  And surprisingly I couldn’t find one that I thought was well polished.  A great booklovers app would not only extract book info from the ISBN barcode, but also allow any reviews you write to be published to the social media outlets.  Goodreads seems to have all the pieces in place, but when I went to start archiving all my books, they all popped up on my Twitter feed and FB stream-annoying many a folk! So it needs a better interface with both so that you can select which get sent out and which ae for internal use, plus the ability to get reviews out to the big three (FB, LinkedIn and Twitter) along with personal blogs.

I’ve got a number of books in mind for FreelanceMD that are not “medical” books, but go a long way to helping define the practice of medicine.  Look for ’em soon!

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